• Vision

    To bridge the cultural and economical gap between foreign companies and Brazil, and Brazilian companies and foreign markets, providing professional services concerning project development and fulfillment of objectives.

  • Mission

    To provide expert technical-legal services to foreign companies who wish to do business in Brazil, following all their start up and project control activities, ensuring the protection of their interests and rights. [more]

  • Grau & Galloni Profile

    A company located in the city of Curitiba, State of Paraná, Brazil, specializing in consultant services and support on international business; foreign investment; development of projects for company installation; investment projects for real estate business in Brazil; corporate management and administrative internal auditing; studies on commercial viability and/or standing. In addition, the Firm is advisor in Brazil for the Small Businesses Associations (API) in the cities of Forli, Cesena and Reggio Emilia, Italy, having conducted several sectorial market studies and participated as speakers in seminars intended to make Brazil known among the members, in Italy.

    Grau & Galloni Business Partners:

    • Dr. María Eugenia Grau-Bassas [show]
    • Mr. Dario Galloni [show]
  • Zeal and Professional Care

    To establish the relationship with our clients and for operational purposes, ... [more]

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