Having accepted the challenge of business and company globalization, GRAU & GALLONI INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS CONSULTANT SERVICES create a center of experienced and highly qualified professionals and businesspeople, to provide technical and legal services to foreign companies who wish to be effectively present in the Brazilian market and to Brazilian companies who wish to find their market share in other countries.

Taking into account and analyzing the differences among the legislation and trade habits of the countries involved in each situation, our Team intends to provide the most suitable options and strategies to achieve the expected business and legal results, always relying on the direct action of GRAU & GALLONI.

The development and scope of the services are suited to each client's real needs, enabling businesses to expand efficiently and independently in the foreign market. For the purpose helping our clients to achieve such goals, our Company encompasses different services in different areas, which can work either jointly or independently, focused directly on providing technical and legal assistance and on the development of specific management actions specific to each business.

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